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Introducing: Unichurch!

Here is a little clip about Unichurch, our weeking meeting to learn about God, and his word and a time to get together and encourage each other in Christ. If you’re not familiar with Unichurch, have a look.


CF Ministry Training Courses Begin!

As you may have heard, there are going to be training courses this week:

Apologetics: defending the Bible

2 Ways 2 Live: explaining the Bible

World Views: contrasting other beliefs to the Bible

These will all be great courses. from experience, Apologetics is handy for answering those questions that come up so often in conversation and on TV, or in conversation about what’s on TV. For both you and the people you know. And 2 Ways 2 Live is something that you’ll keep with you forever, a clear, concise explanation of the the Gospel and it’s message. I haven’t done the World’s Views, so I guess I’ll find out if that’s good or not! hehe.

They run on Wednesday afternoons at 3pm just outside Wal Fife, out the front, near the Mouthtrap (in different rooms to where the Public talks were held). There’s usually a recognisable bunch of us standing around chatting beforehand. Everyone’s welcome to come, chat, learn about God’s word and stay for a bit of afternoon tea.

Welcome to CSU!

Just a short Congrats to all you guys who got into uni! Good work, hope you enjoyed o-week and are ready to start your first semester of uni on Monday. Here’s a few things that will be happening this coming week:

CF Welcome Night

To start the year off we’re having a Welcome Night on Tuesday the 19th of February. It will kick off with a free BBQ outside the convention centre (between east and west halls) at 6:00pm.

CF Public Meetings

This year we kick off our public meetings on Wednesday at 3pm with “If I was God I’d make myself clearer” as we look at the issue of truth among many world religions. Lecture unit 1. Meet near the mouth trap.

CF Social Event

This Friday evening at 7:30 pm we will be heading to Baylis St for a hit of pool at 7:30 pm. If you need a lift meet at the accommodation office or the south bus stop at 7:15 pm.

Clubs Day

Clubs day is this Friday afternoon. This is a good chance to formally sign up as a member of CF and other clubs.

CF joins MySpace

Christian Fellowship has recently launched a MySpace page at

This will mean that current members of MySpace will be able to add CF to their friends to receive regular bulletins with all the upcoming CF info included. If you aren’t a member of MySpace, don’t stress – you’ll be able to view the site for all the information.

As well as the MySpace page and this site, you can receive updates via email – simply let us know.

Ministry training courses start this Wednesday

Well the term is now well and truly underway and hopefully by now you have started to think more seriously about studies. It is also a good time to get serious about serving God. This week we start our Wednesday afternoon ministry training courses and it is not too late to register your interest.

There are two strands of courses at CF:

  1. Foundational courses: for 1st-2nd year students.
    1. Apologetics: How to answer tough questions about your Faith (also available on Sunday afternoons).
    2. 2 Ways to live: This is our most valuable course on how to know and share your faith (Workbook costs $13.50).
  2. Advanced courses: for students who have already done the foundations.
    1. Ethics (Optional text book costs $26.50)
    2. Youth Group leadership (Workbook costs $10)

If you haven’t registered your interest yet just contact us. All courses will be held in rooms 120, 121 and 122, just along from the Mouth Trap at 3 pm Wednesdays.

Unichurch this week

This week at Unichurch we look at Luke 2:22-52.

Dawkins, Delusion and God – this Wednesday

This week at CF we continue thinking about Science and Christianity as we consider the writings of one of our well known critics.

Richard Dawkins is the most outspoken Atheist in a generation and in his recent book, The God Delusion, he sets out to destroy all arguments for belief in God. But just how strong are his arguments and how should we respond?

To find out more, join us at CF this Wednesday, 14 March, at 3 pm in room 109, lecture unit one, opposite the Mouth Trap. There will be opportunities for questions afterward.

The Great Scavenger Hunt

One of the highlights of the CF social calender is on this Friday evening, 16 March 2007. Meet at the Victory Memorial Gardens flame at 7 pm for a 7.30 kickoff. It should be a great night, make sure you bring a digital camera to record the action.

Unichurch this week

This week at Unichurch we look at Luke 2:1-21.

Making Music Work

This is a training day on music in church including a number of practical workshops on doing church music better. Saturday 17th of March at the Wagga Christian College. The $20 student rate includes lunch. See Natalie at CF this week to register.