When I Came to Uni…

As I saw the grass slowly turn yellow on my first drive west, along the Hume Highway, I could tell that things were going to change that year. I was starting my first year of a Ba Pharmacy, it was my first time away from home and it was the first time I would have to do my own laundry!

I was officially an adult and ready to begin making the most of my life. But that meant I had to start making decisions like what to eat for dinner, how long to stay out, where to spend my time, and what to do with it. Plus, after growing up in a Christian family, I had to decide where I stood on religion. Up until that point I had half-heartedly dismissed church with excuses I had heard from other people like “God isn’t logical”, “Evolution is true, so religion can’t be true” or “There are so many contradictions in the Bible”.

But I decided, “Okay, I need to make a real evaluation of this. I’ll just try out church for a term, I can leave when I’ve made up my mind.”

I soon got to the end of my first term of Uni. I had gone to church most weekends (it isn’t easy to forget when you live in Butler A, about 10 meters away from where it’s held), and I wasn’t so sure about my dismissal of Christianity. None of my excuses really worked: evolution doesn’t discount the possibility of there being a God, there weren’t any contradictions in the Bible I could find, and God is by far the most logical guy I’ve ever met.

All of their teaching, all of what Christians know about God comes from the Bible, and it actually seemed to be a pretty reliable historical document. There are even non-Christian historians who wrote about the same places and events as can be found in the Bible. Plus, there is a harmony and continuity of the message throughout all 66 books within the Bible. This whole ‘Christianity thing’ that I had grown up with every Sunday morning was starting to seem plausible, and starting to make sense (it only took me 18 years!).

But what really struck me though, one of the biggest things that caused my change of heart was discovering that Christianity is all about a relationship, between each individual and God. We each have a choice, whether we accept what he’s done for us, or to ignore it. Every choice in life has consequences and this one is no exception. My life has changed so much since I made the choice to accept him.

So, as someone who has gotten a lot out of this group, I would like to encourage you to check out Christian Fellowship. Some of you may have only heard about God through a few scripture classes, if that. I also know some of you out there may have grown up in church like I did, and now at uni will have a decision to make. Don’t miss out. Consider coming to church for a little while, without your parents, with people the same age as you. Unichurch has fantastic Bible teaching and maybe you won’t be convinced, but at least you’ll know that you’ve made a proper decision.

(Unichurch is held at 7pm every Sunday in the Rec Hall, behind the pool, next to the oval, about 10m from Butler A, and you can check out our website cfwagga.org.au)

God Bless,