Ministry training courses start this Wednesday

Well the term is now well and truly underway and hopefully by now you have started to think more seriously about studies. It is also a good time to get serious about serving God. This week we start our Wednesday afternoon ministry training courses and it is not too late to register your interest.

There are two strands of courses at CF:

  1. Foundational courses: for 1st-2nd year students.
    1. Apologetics: How to answer tough questions about your Faith (also available on Sunday afternoons).
    2. 2 Ways to live: This is our most valuable course on how to know and share your faith (Workbook costs $13.50).
  2. Advanced courses: for students who have already done the foundations.
    1. Ethics (Optional text book costs $26.50)
    2. Youth Group leadership (Workbook costs $10)

If you haven’t registered your interest yet just contact us. All courses will be held in rooms 120, 121 and 122, just along from the Mouth Trap at 3 pm Wednesdays.

Unichurch this week

This week at Unichurch we look at Luke 2:22-52.