Website of the Month: January

Ok, so January is almost over, but here is the new Website of the Month…..

Covenant Eyes

Since you must have access to the internet to read this post, this website if for you. It is a service that provides a powerful accountability system for anyone using the internet, especially for those struggling with pornography. The internet is such an anonymous environment and allows virtually no obvious consequences for your actions. This organisation helps you put a consequence into it, making it safer for you, allowing the glorification of God to continue even online.

The idea is: You sign up and download a program that will record every website that you visit, and you choose a few people that you trust (5 is best) to receive a report rating all those websites. It is on all the time that you are online, and doesn’t miss a beat. The people who the reports go to also need to understand how it works and need to be prepared to talk to you about anything that comes up on the report.

Check it out, it does cost a little bit of money to sign up, but what is of more value? purity?

So until next week…

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