O-Week Message from Grace

G’day! Welcome to CSU and congratulations on your decision to accept your course offer in Wagga Wagga. We hope that you find your study choice very rewarding and that over these next few years you can take advantage of many great opportunities that student life allows. University is a great place to be, so get involved, meet stacks of people and enjoy your time here while you study.

University is a very unique time of life that allows you incredible freedom and independence, especially if this is your first time living away from home. You will have time to learn about all sorts of different things, you’ll meet people from all kinds of different backgrounds, and be exposed to ideas that you would probably never otherwise consider. Unique friendships are founded as we go through this “transition” phase – a phase where we learn to get by on not enough sleep, and even less money!

Christian Fellowship is a CSU club for any student who wants to know more about the Bible, and in particular, Jesus. We are a group of students who think that it’s great to be Christians and we want to give every student at university the opportunity to thoughtfully consider who Jesus really is. Whether you are a Christian or someone interested in what Christianity has to say on different issues, we as a club would like to welcome everyone to come along and get to know more.

There are a few easy ways for you to get in touch with us:

  • All year round we meet at the Rec Hall on Sunday nights for Unichurch (with the exception of exam times when we move to the Convention Centre). The Rec Hall is at Berres Elwood oval, on Ag/Residential side of the hill, behind the gym and Butler Halls. Church starts at 7pm and we’d love to meet you there.
  • Next week we are having a Welcome BBQ Tuesday 19th (1st week of classes) 6.30pm at the Convention Centre (which is next to dining hall – there is a flier in your showbag with some more info). This is a BBQ where new students can meet the older students, as well as other new students.
  • Another option for those curious about Christianity is to attend CF’s public talks on Wednesdays, the 20/2, 27/2 and 5/3, near the Mouth Trap. These talks are open to anyone and there will be opportunity to hang around afterwards and meet some people, and even ask the speaker, Richard Wilson, any questions if you like.

Looking forward to hopefully meeting you in the year to come.

Well,…time for you to go and explore uni – Enjoy O Week and welcome to Wagga!