O Week 2010

Welcome back to another year for Christian Fellowship (CF)- and what a great year we have ahead of us! CF is a Christian group of students from all sorts of backgrounds who share a common love of Jesus Christ as proclaimed in the good news of the Bible. We meet together to encourage each other to live authentic Christian lives and work together to see our whole campus hear and accept God’s great offer of forgiveness and eternal life through Jesus.

We are a group of uni students (+ some TAFE and young workers), pursuing a vast array of different career paths, but also seeking to learn more about God, our awesome creator and His Son, our saviour, Jesus Christ.

This Tuesday 2nd March we will be holding our welcome night. It kicks off at 5pm, and don’t worry- the Convention Centre is air-conditioned!!! It will be an evening where you can get a glimpse into the events we hold, what our aims are and how you can be involved. You will also get the chance to meet other students in your faculty and the older peeps of CF. Even if you’re not Christian, you’re welcome to come and check us out. There will also be a free BBQ and some classy dessert involved.

On Friday 5th March meet us at the gym on campus at 6pm and we plan to head to the tennis courts for a hit and also join us for a roast chicken dinner. Bring $3 for tea and your own racket if you have one, or we will have some spares. We look forward to seeing you there!!!

Unichurch has also kicked off for the year. We meet at the Rec Hall on the residential side of the uni near Beres Ellwood oval and the Gym at 7pm every Sunday. It’s a non-denominational service (so not specifically Anglican or Catholic or Baptist etc) and everyone is welcome. If you’ve never been to church- why not just rock up and check us out?

So until….

–         we get our very own farmer finds a wife

–         the laughter of girls drops below 90 dB

–         Stolzy and Ben admit they always have wanted to play rugby union