Well last week the girls had their weekend away to have some fun, learn about God, and get to know each other, but this weekend the guys showed them how it’s meant to be done!

The weekend sent us out to the back blocks of rural New South Wales (well Gundagai anyway) to a local property with 5 star accommodation (a shearing shed) and a whole lot of manly, injury-inducing games. Topic of the weekend was “Under Construction”, and learning how to build our lives on Jesus. The boys got some good building advice with talks from Blyth, Wilson, Chan and Dorman.

Manly challenges kicked off on Friday night with testing of the handpiece and the patience of a couple of mad wethers. Trust in others guidance was involved but Meat Axe found out that sometimes trust is misplaced…

Of course construction was a big part of the weekend and battleships were required for dam wars. The judges are still adjudicating over the winner of the war although the Cement Mixer’s ship proved a little heavy and was a wreck early, and the Loaders found the same fate soon after. The Dump Trucks preferred the safety of shallows to stay afloat and battling, while the Steamrollers showed excellent weaponry from the front of their craft.

Other events included a bruising sixty meter slide, glow stick Soccer, and bridge building. All made for top weekend with boys returning absolutely knackered.

A few boys deserve a mention for some quotable quotes:

  1. Simon: “Ah, I broke a nail”
  2. James: “Hey lets play tunnel ball”
  3. Wilson: “If you’re male and alive…”

Thanks to all the boys who got out there and into the activities to make it such a top weekend. Keep building and don’t miss out on next year!!!

So Until…

  • Markis’s hair grows back
  • The girls realize that No they can’t come on Blokes Bush & Bible Bash
  • Dean realizes that RAAFies can’t fly without airplanes