Grace: March 11th

What a weekend. I write this at some silly time on Sunday night when I should be sleeping as I’m totally exhausted, but somewhat hyperactive after an awesome time away with the girls from Unichurch. For those who missed it, Girls’ Getaway was a weekend up in Talbingo filled with lots of fun and tons of learning. We studied the book of Ephesians and heard some encouraging talks from Kim, Lisa and Bron. On Saturday night we looked at who God wants us to be, as opposed to what the world says we should be. I’m sure we have all come back with tons to think about, along with great memories…particularly of the ski biscuit!!! 23 of the 24 of us who chose to embark on the biscuiting took some pretty spectacular falls; I know that my flight with Kim will be long cherished. Meg R was the one who managed to master the art of bisuiting, with a zero fall rate. Trish and Kate took some battering on the slippery tarp, while Cat showed some new form of coordination. Tash (“Grandma” Tash) did not understand the concept of defence in hockey as she aided the opposition in scoring their goal – coz Anna was her “buddy”! The girls’ creative skills were put into action as t-shirts were designed and decorated. I loved getting to know all the girls better, especially the first years. It’s great to be “No longer strangers”.

While the girls were off studying God’s Word in such a gorgeous part of His creation, the blokes were back in Wagga. From what I gather they had a great time being domestic… Keith even did his washing. Blokes turn away is next week, so I’m looking forward to hearing what stories they bring back from their time roughing it at the Blyth’s farm.

So until…

  • Blokes Bush and Bible Bash
  • Keith vacuums
  • Penny leaves vet for a career in acting
  • Girls catch up on sleep!