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Website of the Month: February

Bible gateway is a great website introduced to me at NTE. Not many people have copies of every translation of the bible, but sometimes it is helpful to look up different translations to try and nut out words and ideas we don’t understand. Bible gateway is a great internet resource with numerous searchable bible translation (e.g. NIV, The message, NKJV) and also gives different language translations of the bible.

You can search for bible passages both by reference and also key words. There are also other great features such as a topical index, where you can search for bible references to a particular topic e.g. Holy spirit,  as well as bible reading plans.

What are you waiting for, check it out!

Website of the Month: January

Ok, so January is almost over, but here is the new Website of the Month…..

Covenant Eyes

Since you must have access to the internet to read this post, this website if for you. It is a service that provides a powerful accountability system for anyone using the internet, especially for those struggling with pornography. The internet is such an anonymous environment and allows virtually no obvious consequences for your actions. This organisation helps you put a consequence into it, making it safer for you, allowing the glorification of God to continue even online.

The idea is: You sign up and download a program that will record every website that you visit, and you choose a few people that you trust (5 is best) to receive a report rating all those websites. It is on all the time that you are online, and doesn’t miss a beat. The people who the reports go to also need to understand how it works and need to be prepared to talk to you about anything that comes up on the report.

Check it out, it does cost a little bit of money to sign up, but what is of more value? purity?

So until next week…

Website of the Month: April

Haven’t heard of Mark Driscoll? He’s the preaching-pastor of Mars Hill Church, Seattle. His bold, bible based, engaging, thorough and convicting preaching has taken Seattle and the world by storm.

This has made April’s website of the month the website of this very church: 

Check it out, all of the talks from the past 2-3 years are available for download. The talks range from practical series including “Men and Masculinity” and “Women and Femininity to exegetic series of many books of the bible, special topic such as Dating, Faith and Works, Alcohol, Christian Humour, and of course doctrinal and theological topics explaining what Christians (should) believe, who Jesus is and how to be a Christian in today’s Church.

But be warned, don’t expect to do anything else for an hour or more, because these really are thorough talks, but don’t worry about getting distracted or getting bored, because I was also serious when I said they were engaging.

So until next month…

Website of the Month

Hey Guys and Gals, it was pointed out to me that the “resources for growing Christians” were a little out of date. So, now I bring you: WEBSITE OF THE MONTH!!! (yay!). Each month I will hunt down a good quality Christian Website that is useful, informative, encouraging or maybe just funny. So here it goes:


So, you’re looking for a particular verse? Wanting to find out how it’s translated in over 50 versions of the Bible? Looking for a clear, Biblical Explanation of a particular passage? Well, here’s a great place to look: I’ve personally used this website countless times, to help prepare for Bible Studies, to help understand passages that I just did get when I first heard it, or to find an obscure verse that I heard mid-sermon and forgot to note down.

For example: I want to find that passage in the King James Version that uses the word “Stinketh” I simply type it into the search bar, select King James Version from the drop bar menu, and click “search the Bible”. And vuala! John 11:39 “Jesus said, Take ye away the stone. Martha, the sister of him that was dead, saith unto him, Lord, by this time he stinketh: for he hath been dead four days.” and we also find out that there is a passage in Isaiah that uses it too regarding fish that dieth for thirst.

So, as you can see, this is a valuable, yet invaluable source for any Christian. A great way to search through the Bible and discover God’s word.

So, until next time, keep reading.