CF Ministry Training Courses Begin!

As you may have heard, there are going to be training courses this week:

Apologetics: defending the Bible

2 Ways 2 Live: explaining the Bible

World Views: contrasting other beliefs to the Bible

These will all be great courses. from experience, Apologetics is handy for answering those questions that come up so often in conversation and on TV, or in conversation about what’s on TV. For both you and the people you know. And 2 Ways 2 Live is something that you’ll keep with you forever, a clear, concise explanation of the the Gospel and it’s message. I haven’t done the World’s Views, so I guess I’ll find out if that’s good or not! hehe.

They run on Wednesday afternoons at 3pm just outside Wal Fife, out the front, near the Mouthtrap (in different rooms to where the Public talks were held). There’s usually a recognisable bunch of us standing around chatting beforehand. Everyone’s welcome to come, chat, learn about God’s word and stay for a bit of afternoon tea.