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Website of the Month: April

Haven’t heard of Mark Driscoll? He’s the preaching-pastor of Mars Hill Church, Seattle. His bold, bible based, engaging, thorough and convicting preaching has taken Seattle and the world by storm.

This has made April’s website of the month the website of this very church: 

Check it out, all of the talks from the past 2-3 years are available for download. The talks range from practical series including “Men and Masculinity” and “Women and Femininity to exegetic series of many books of the bible, special topic such as Dating, Faith and Works, Alcohol, Christian Humour, and of course doctrinal and theological topics explaining what Christians (should) believe, who Jesus is and how to be a Christian in today’s Church.

But be warned, don’t expect to do anything else for an hour or more, because these really are thorough talks, but don’t worry about getting distracted or getting bored, because I was also serious when I said they were engaging.

So until next month…